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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a storefront?

We are not a storefront.  The home of Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes is located on a 200-acre farm in Beaverton, OR. (In the farming district near the Scholls Ferry & Roy Rogers intersection). Our crazy-delicious yummies are baked out of a commercial bakery that pumps out thousands of cakes & cupcakes a week to please craving taste buds all over Portland and the surrounding areas.  


Wedding consultations, tastings and pick-ups are all handled out of this spectacular location and the exact address also comes on your confirmation order. 


Pick-ups and consultations are by appointment only.  Please call the bakery to schedule 503.343.5512.

How do I order these scrumptious treats?

FIRST, let me tell you that we are extremely busy and your best bet is to place your order at the beginning of the week.  By Thursdays, the weekends are usually booked solid and locked-in and no other orders will be accepted. And you can text us as many sad, boo hoo faces as you'd like...the answer will still be no ;)  


Second – check out our yummy flavors and pricing menu and start thinking about what kinds of delicious cupcakes or cake you’d like to order.   All of our flavors are truly scrumptious, it’s just whether or not you are in the mood for creamy, chocolate peanut butter, toasted almond coconut, fresh lemon zest…they are all mouth-watering delicious and you absolutely can’t go wrong with any flavor you chose ;) 


(Flavor choices are limited on days we are booked solid.)  


Third – Fill out the order request form and send it in!  Once received, you will recieve a response and your order will be booked in our baking calendar.  


All online orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance.   Please call for cake availability if less than (2) weeks away.


***Please note 50% of the cost of your order is non-refundable if you cancel your order within 48 hours of your scheduled pick-up / delivery time.



Where do I pick-up my deliciousness?

Pick-ups are scheduled at the bakery throughout the day.  We typically do 10am, Noon and 2pm pick-ups, and then other times may be requested if an earlier or later time is needed.  If you are picking up a large order, please make sure your vehicle is large enough to accomodate all of the cupcakes to allow for safe transportation.  And also bring items to wedge them in tight if necessary, like extra bags, towels or pillows.  A tumbled cupcake is still a delicious cupcake...but definitely not as pretty ;) 

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order is (4) dozen.   

How many cupcakes should we order?

Our regular size cupcake is equivalent to a slice of cake.  We usually recommend (1) per person, with 6 - 12 extra just in case ;)


The cool thing is that you can freeze any left overs...however...most times, there aren't any.  They get gobbled down fast once the word gets out.   


As for the mini's, we usually recommend 1-3 per person. They are about two-bites each and they go down super quick and reeeeally smooth.

Do you customize these lil' beauties?

We do customize, however please allow at least (2) weeks for all special order cupcakes & custom cakes.


All of our cupcakes and cakes always come elegantly decorated with chocolate pearls in cool & vibrant colors or simple colors.  You can tie in your color theme by requesting specific colors for frosting or pearls.  Larger orders may incur an additional fee if pearls need to be special ordered.  


All of our cupcakes also come in trendy brown wrappers.  Specific wrapping colors can be requested for an additional fee.


Sugar flower customizations vary per order.   Flower availability varies week to week.    


Messages or logo's on cupcakes depend on design and materials.  


Logo’s or designs on cakes with multiple colors / characters vary depending on size and details.


Custom cakes & flavors are subject to availability & prices are subject to change.

May we come in for a consultation and tasting?

Consultations and tastings are by appointment only.  You can email to see what dates and times are available.  You may also pre order a sampler pack filled with all of our popular flavors and reserve a date for pick-up. There is a $25 fee for consultations / sampler packs and available times vary week to week.  



Do you deliver?

Delivery for cakes and cupcakes starts at $35 with an additional $.50 per mile.  Delivery fee will be more for larger orders. 


Delivery for weddings starts at $150 with an additional $.50 per mile for further distances.  Deliveries for wedding are more complex, larger orders, usually involve cake as well and it is the craziest and busiest time of the year.


We take our job ver seriously and our delivery ensures safe travels of all of your delicate desserts and on-time arrival. Everything is loaded in extremely carefully and then transported very safely within large cooled boxes to make sure that everything stays cooled until the very last sweet minute.  


And then we usually recommend everything arriving about 30 - 60 minutes before you'd like them displayed.  


If you'll be transporting the desserts yourself, just make sure we can put them all in so that they are on a flat surface, extremely secure, and away from any direct sunlight.  Then you just have to drive cautiously, blast your AC, make sure not to make any fast or crazy turns and then definitely...definitely do not drag race like a maniac down any dirt roads ;)


We deliver to Portland and the surrounding areas and the availability varies week to week.    

May we pay you to set these up at our wedding?

Why yes you may :)


If we deliver your wedding desserts, and you would like us to stay and set them up, there is an additional $25-$50 fee, depending on the size of the order.  Most wedding orders are large and it takes awhile to carefully un-package cupcakes and elegantly set them up on a dessert table. All that we ask is that the table is ready upon arrival and that the tiers or cake plates are ready and available. An additional fee of $15 - $30 is applied if we have to wait. During wedding season, we run very tight schedules.  So please keep that in mind. 


If you choose to have someone else set up your wedding desserts, please make sure you choose a person that is slightly anal and pays attention to detail ;) Thumb markings and frosting smudges slightly take away from the beauty of the dessert bar.  But don't get me wrong...everything will still get pleasantly devoured.   


Our cupcakes will come securely packaged up in 6-pack containers and then will be bagged up in tall brown paper bags.  

Do you rent cupcake tiers and cake plates?

We have a variety of stunning cupcake tiers and elegant cake plates available to rent.  Our 3-tier sets start at $30 and our cake plates start at $15.  We carry them in glass, silver, black, gold and white.  


Please ring us for details or inquire at to see what's available.  

How does the design and pricing for a wedding cake work?

Standard cake prices start at $4 per serving.  This reflects our simply decorated cakes, which are iced in our scrumptious signature buttercreams or our delish cream cheese frostings.  


Elegant and stylized customization is available. Sugar flowers, pearls, swags, fondant decorations & other elaborate details are all priced individually.


Adding fondant is an additional 50% of your cake price. 


Colored cakes are $75 extra.  An additional fee applies for larger cakes.  


Please ring us to schedule a cake consultation or email us at

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