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Customer Reviews

Great Quotes

I had the chocolate peanut butter. Oh Holy Yum."

– Rachael S.

"They were such a hit we were practically fighting over the last one."

– Shannon H.

"You will have your taste buds blown! Delicious."

– Stephanie D.

"Words are totally inadequate. Unbelievable cupcakes!

– Susan S.

"They will curl your toes with how yummy they are!"

– Melissa C.

"Just received another 'OMG those are the most incredible cupcakes ever, the best I've ever had!'"

– Tera Torres

"These are the best tasting, prettiest cupcakes EVER!!!"

– Stephanie D

"The flavors are like nothing else you have ever tasted."

– Lisa W.

"People definitely talked about them for days."

– Natalie B.

"Her cupcakes will truly leave a lasting impression on your taste buds."

– ZT

"These little bad-boys are darling and come in a huge array of flavors."

– Laura C.

"Often minis are dried out or over-baked. Not these little nuggets."

– Rachael S.

"AMAZING Cupcakes! Seriously delicious."

– Amy K.

"They can turn any day into the best day ever."

– Annie B.

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"These cupcakes are the most scrumptious I have ever tasted! "

– Melissa C.

"I believe so much in what Lenore and 'Lightning Cupcakes' is doing for a great cause."

– Kelli Z.

"If you have never had their peanut butter cupcake, do your taste buds a favor and get one QUICK!"

– Alex Savory

"Thank you Lenore for baking the best cupcakes I've ever had the pleasure of tasting!"

– Ann G.

"A little piece of heaven...! Scrumptious cupcakes they are! Thanks Lenore :-)"

– Christen

"Thank you! The cupcakes were a hit and incredible!"

– Tam Driscoll

"My son enjoyed your yummy cakes so much."

– Naoko Kawaguchi

"We loved the cupcakes!"

– Katrina Roberg

"These cupcakes are AMAZING!!!"

– Terri Montgomery

"They were delicious-of course. And you are wonderful!"

– Kathy Perko

"I admit that I am an addict. They are they best cupcakes you will ever have."

– Lynette Thomas

"These guys know cupcakes!"

– Shannon H.

"I had a Brand X cupcake at a party last night....poooey! Got the mad love for Lightning!!"

– Patty Ennis Weightman

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Amazing cupcakes! They were much more fun to have at our wedding than a typical wedding cake and we got to have some for our relatives that needed gluten free options. We tried different cupcake places in town, but most were too heavy and rich. These were light enough that everyone was able to dance after cake. Love the lemon rosemary and the toasted coconut, but all were great! – Sarah S.




Your cupcakes are SO yummy!! Thanks for being part of Nat & Barretts's wedding. Love your cause too – Nikki Atkinson




I went to a wedding show called Committed last month. After trying every cupcake there, I can definitely say that these were hands-down the best!!! – Crystal M.




After my fiancé ate the treats you sent home, it took some convincing for him to understand he couldn't just run to your "bakery" and buy some..He kept saying "Are you sure I can't just go buy some more?" – Kelli Zook




Lenore, We can't thank you enough for the DELICIOUS cupcakes we all enjoyed. Everyone LOVED them. You and Lightning Cupcakes are a blessing. – Connie Kleck




We thank you so much for the delicious cupcakes! They were an absolute hit. Everyone agreed that they were the best cupcakes they had ever had! :) Even our caterer came up and asked for your information, he loved them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! – NB




Lenore at Lightning Cupcakes has treated me very well. My Husband and I hired Lightning cupcakes for our wedding July 5th 2014 which was a very hot day. Lenore set up the cupcakes, which were all beautiful and delicious! She made the cupcakes to our needs and matched the colors to our wedding. At the end on the night there were no cupcakes left. Our guests LOVED them!. MY boss was on of our guests who loved the cupcakes so much decided to hire Lightning cupcakes for a Open house at our Specialty practice which was lovely! All the referring offices loved the cupcakes. WE also ran out of cupcakes that time as well! Lenore is the best in the NW! Now I only wish I had a reason to hire her again! LOVE HER CREATIONS!! – Stephanie P. 




Delicious cupcakes and wonderful service! Amazing flavors and super moist! So very yummy! – Jocelyn Jones




They are the best! We had them at our wedding last year! :)

– Natalie Bland




Moist, delicious, great variety, and very beautiful! Had Lightning Cupcakes for my wedding and they were perfect! The owner, Lenore, is wonderful and very helpful! My wedding was 4 months ago and I am still craving the outstanding cupcakes! I would recommend them to everyone for any event! :) Just so so soooo good! – Jocelyn J




We loved the cupcakes!!!! Thank you so much! We had a great time at the wedding and all of the cupcakes were gone before you knew it. Thank you for making my friend's wedding special. – Katherine G.




I believe so much in what Lenore and "Lightning Cupcakes" is doing for a great cause, I knew I wanted them at my wedding before I even tasted them. Once I tasted them I knew I had definitely made the right decision to have them in place of a traditional wedding cake. I tasted them a month or so before the wedding date and brought some home to share. About two weeks before the wedding my husband suggested I order 2 more dozen so we would have a few left over. EVERYONE loved the cupcakes and said they were the best they had ever eaten. Lenore is great to work with and was a big help in deciding how many to order, what flavors to order and the wrappers she picked matched our wedding perfectly. Like a previous review....I need to find another reason to order some cupcakes. – Kelli Z. 




Lightning Cupcakes are the best cupcakes you will find. We had them at our wedding last year and they were such a hit that our caterer asked me for their contact information.  People definitely talked about them for days. Lenore, the owner and creator, is absolutely amazing to work with. She truly cares about what she does and she will care about you too! This reminds me that I need to find a reason to order some cupcakes soon!  Find a need for some cupcakes and give Lightning Cupcakes a call. You will be so glad that you did! – Natalie B.

Wedding Reviews

Lenore - We just sampled our first four do we get you a deposit? These are amazing. AMAZING! Brian's words, "Don't speak. Just give her money." I think he cried a little when he ate the banana cupcake.

5 Star Reviews

Visually beautiful, amazingly moist, and full of flavor. Some of the best cupcakes I've ever tasted. Scott Elliott


I've always thought they were beautiful but yesterday I had the chance to try them. My mouth did not know what was happening....they are delicious beyond words. There must be a wee bit of magic mixed in with the batter. Carla Elliott



Words are totally inadequate.  Unbelievable cupcakes!  And, believe me....I've tried many. You won't be disappointed! Susan S.



Delicious cupcakes and wonderful service! Amazing flavors and super moist! So very yummy! Jocelyn Jones



The most amazing cupcakes I've ever had. I will definitely recommend to everyone for their events.  Terra Rex



Just had the opportunity to try out these amazing cupcakes! Can not wait to order more soon! Tastebud heaven!!!  Maribel Acosta



You have set the bar high. Every time we get a cupcake somewhere else, Frankie takes a bite, then says..'Nahhh, not as moist as Lenore's".LOL!!! Frankie has tried to figure out how you do it. One day we were driving, and out of the blue she just says " I bet she bakes them with a pan of water underneath the cupcake pan"..I said, "What are you talking about?"...she said..Lightning Cupcakes.
We may be driving out soon :))

Emily Perry-Tresser



Lenore and her team did an amazing job for our wedding + an open house event for our specialty practice at work! The one and ONLY cupcake masters we will ever use! ♥ Stephanie Bellew



If you have never had their peanut butter cupcake, do your taste buds a favor and get one QUICK  Alex Savory



Guys. Seriously. Not only is Lenore the sweetest lady, but she makes the BEST cupcakes IN THE WORLD. No other way to say it - they are damn good. They can turn any day into the best day ever. Annie B. 



These cupcakes are the most scrumptious I have ever tasted!  They are truly a wonderful treat.  They will curl your toes with how yummy they are!  Plus, knowing that each purchase helps support The Healing Hunter Foundation makes it a win-win!
When we have purchased the minis - if my daughter is with me, quite a few are gone by the time we get home! Melissa C. 



I love a cupcake. I'm a fat girl. Who are we kidding. I also love supporting local businesses, even more if there is a great story behind them. So Lightning Cupcakes fits the bill. Talk about taking something devastating and making the best of it. I'll let you all read their story on their website, this review is about the cake.
I had minis at an event they catered and tried 2 flavors. I really had to restrain myself. I wanted more. I was hesitant because I'm allergic to bananas and people put them in everything. Hold the bananas people! I digress....
I had the chocolate peanut butter. Oh Holy Yum. I'm not a fan of peanut butter chips and I thought I was getting caramel or toffee.. no dice.  But I was very happily surprised. The cake was SO moist. Often minis are dried out or over-baked. Not these little nuggets. And just the right frosting-to-cake ratio. The flavors were very balanced. Nothing over-powered the others.
I had the coconut mini too. Delicate coconut flavor with toasted coconut on top, light, fluffy cake, smooth creamy frosting.  
What I really wish is that they had a storefront so I could just drop in when I need a fix. Alas, I'll just have to settle for demanding cupcakes for my birthday... and Thanksgiving... and maybe Columbus day or St. Patrick's day... Rachael S.



The best and most amazing cupcakes you will ever eat.   People talk about them for DAYS after they've gobbled them down.  Lenore, the Head Baker & Cupcake Creator, is always easy and delightful to work with...and her cupcakes will truly leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.  They always leave you wanting more and more and more and more.  HIGHLY recommend! ZT



These guys know cupcakes! I had the privilege of trying out their two-bite delights at a Yelp event and I have to say it was possibly the highlight of the event. Not only did I eat a few there but they were nice enough to let me take a bunch home to share. They were such a hit we were practically fighting over the last one. 
The cake is moist and light and everything cake should be. The frosting was buttery, creamy, and worthy of a spotlight all on its own. I love small cupcakes because I don't feel as guilty when I eat them (or a second, third, etc.) plus I get to try different kinds without wasting a whole cupcake. Obviously there are times when you want regular size cupcakes, but to me the minis are the way to go. 
They were so nice that I would not hesitate to give them my business. I know there are a few others in Portland competing in the cupcake business but these cupcakes hold their own and the service was so wonderful that might just boost them to the winning point.  Shannon H. 



Nothing says "Fancy" like mini Lightning Cupcakes. 
The other night they catered a "Ladies-Only" YELP event at the Shane Co. 
Diamonds, champagne and sweet treats....what more could a lady ask for?  
My favorite was the one topped with something that looked like chopped Heath candy bar. Inside was little bits of what tasted like melted caramel. I was told there was also peanut butter cupcakes, but one of these little bad boys goes a long way in the calorie department...and I already had my 2nd - a toasted coconut cupcake in my hand. That one had a sugar frosting which was a little sweet for my  taste (which is soo weird to say when describing a cupcake - hat is supposed to be sweet). I guess it's because I prefer cream cheese frosting's to sugar and I suspect my favorite one had the cream cheese. 
These little bad-boys are darling and come in a huge array of flavors. I'd actually much prefer them to a birthday or wedding cake, so you could try multiple flavors and not feel like a total pig. 
For your next event, you might think to order these delectable morsels of goodness instead of a sheet cake because you would be much more likely to please everyone with so many options.  Laura C. 



AMAZING Cupcakes!  Seriously delicious.  We had them at a party instead of cake and they were a HUGE hit!  LOVE the red velvet!  Look no further for yummy desserts.  Bonus...  The owner is the nicest woman you will ever meet. Amy K. 



These cupcakes are awesome! Ordered them for a company event. People talk about how great they were. Delicious, would recommend them to anyone... and I guess I just did! And for a great cause as well. Aja C. 



Our family was so fortunate to have been gifted with Lightning Cupcakes!!! Our friend gave us 2 dozen as a get well gesture for my son. These are the best tasting, prettiest cupcakes EVER!!! 
I cannot wait to place on order for my Sister-in-laws baby shower!!!
You will have your taste buds blown! Delicious  Stephanie D. 



Absolutely, SCRUMPTIOUS, cupcakes.  Extremely moist and super delish.  Always a hit at any event! LD



I have been ordering Lightning cupcakes for all special occasions from Lenore for the past year, they are as amazing this family is and I would challenge anyone to try one and not want more! Lisa Weber



Lenore is awesome and the cupcakes incredible!  I cannot wait to order a cake soon!  So glad I found you on yelp.  Being able to communicate through email to place my order was so helpful.  And when our delivery order date kept changing, Lenore was always so cool about the changes - even when I was stressing out and sending far too many emails to her!  Thank you Lenore -- for making our office anniversary event such a delicious and fun event!  Funny WOW how well your cupcakes pair with Champagne! Laura S. 



It's no lie - these are the best cupcakes in the area.  I ordered 2 dozen regular size and 6 dozen minis.  The minis didn't last - they're perfect for the calorie conscious who want a little treat.  The flavors are - i'm confident - ALL delicious, but the ones we got were lemon, all the chocolate varieties, red velvet, and coconut almond.  My personal favorite was the coconut almond, but everyone went kukoo for whatever flavor they got.  These babies are pricey, and retrieving them will be an adventure to parts of Beaverton you might not have known existed, but they're TOTALLY worth it (delivery's available, but it's pricier than the cakes).  AND a portion of the proceeds go to a good cause.  You really can't lose

:-)  Dawn H.



I heard of Lighting Cupcakes through a friend so ordered a dozen for an event.  They are amazing!  You will never find any other cupcake that will match what Lenore is able to do.  The flavors are like nothing else you have ever tasted, the quality is always top notch and you could not find a better and easier person to work with then Lenore, the creator of these cupcakes.  I most definitely HIGHLY recommend Lightning Cupcakes. Lisa W. 



The Lightning Cupcakes were delicious. You got rave reviews! Thanks again Lenore! Appreciate you greatly! Aja Cooper



So, first I see these amazingly beautiful cupcakes, presented in the most elegant way.   THEN, I actually taste one and cannot believe how good they are.   Lenore, Cupcake Creator, is not only innovative and creative in her cupcakes, but is such a pleasure and joy to work with.   I cannot say enough about Lightning Cupcakes - a treat for sure!!!!! Sharon L.



I had the pleasure of trying Lightning Cupcakes yesterday and they were so delicious!  I ordered them one day and picked them up the next.  We tried the luxurious white velvet and the classic chocolate.  Both were melt in your mouth yummy goodness. My family members devoured them and grabbed the leftovers to take home.  
They came packaged in two six pack covered plastic carriers, very professionally done with a colorful logo.  The price for a dozen was only $25 - very reasonable.
Thank you Lenore for baking the best cupcakes I've ever had the pleasure of tasting! Ann G.



I recently got to try Lightning Cupcakes at a Yelp Elite event and found them to be very delicious! Supplying the party with a variety of choices, I went for the red velvet and the toasted almond coconut. Both were moist, fluffy and the frosting wasn't too sweet. I was impressed with them and even though I live across town, I might have to venture out to to the store for these cupcakes. They are definitely worth it!  Erin L.



We bought these cupcakes at a fundraiser as dessert for our table.  Well they didn't last long!  These were the most amazing cupcakes we've had.  They came in so many different flavors & not only did they look beautiful but they tasted great!  Not your average cupcake, the chocolate chips mixed inside some of them was a nice touch! Rita S. 



Thank you Lightning Cupcakes for your delivery to the teachers and staff at Christ the King today... I heard they were awesome!!! Thank you so much for helping make our 'thank you' so awesome! Tera Torres



Fantastic cupcakes!  I have had them more than once and they were truly outstanding each time.  The only problem is they are addictive they are so good! MJC



Of course Lighting Cupcakes were a hit at the DCH service. Jen Arnold


yummy... I would be at your place every day to have one.. I am a sucker for DeAnna Lawson



Was a great evening! Thank you for the always fabulous lightning cupcakes...all the ladies loved them! Tera Torres


Had a wonderful time sampling Lightning Cupcakes w/Julie Bitar Zook and Lenore Davis. I can't wait to place my order to benefit The Healing Hunter Foundation. Friends, Im telling you these are the best cupcakes ever and they benefit a great cause. Kelli Zook



I am writing to say thank you for your recently delivered treats! Those cupcakes you shared are the best I have ever had! I used to think that Sprinkles was the best. I no longer think that! I have been passing the name around and telling people don’t waste time and try them. Thank you!!! Nycole Ferguson

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