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Lightning Cupcakes is a gourmet cupcake and cake company that whips up delicious treats for any occasion. Our 5 Star desserts are taking over Portland one SWEET bite at a time. Read customer testimonials on our Reviews page.

New 3 Wedding Cake 1
New Cutting Cake 4059
Lightning Cupcakes Chocolate Caramelicious 7064
Cupcakes Beaverton Birthday Cupcakes 5494
New 3 Naked Wedding Cake 1
Lightning Petal Cake
Graduation Cupcakes Beaverton Cupcakes Mini
Birthday Cupcake Beaverton Cupcakes
Portland Cupcakes Lightning Cupcakes
New 2 Tier 2 Wedding Cake
New 3 Naked Wedding Cake 2
Lightning Cupcakes Chocolate Peanut Butter 2054
Lightning Cupcakes Creamy Red Velvet 2048
New 3 Wedding Cake Lady Fingers
Customized Birthday Cakes Beaverton Bakery
Beaverton Cupcakes Chocolate Cupcake
Best Portland Wedding Cakes Cupcakes
Wedding Cakes Portland Rose Style Buttercream
Smash Cake Lightning Cupcakes and Cakes
Wedding Cupcakes Beaverton Cupcakes
Wedding Cakes Portland
New Cutting Cake
New Cutting Cake 3
Touch Up 8704
Mini Cupcakes Portland Cupcakes 7051
New 3 Specialty Cakes 1
Beaverton Cupcakes Mini Cupcakes 7060
Most delicious Wedding Cake Portland
Baby Shower Cupcakes Peanut Butter Cupcakes
Delicious Portland Wedding Cakes Lightning Cupcakes
New Cutting Cake 1
New Sugar Flower 2
Beaverton Cupcakes Portland Wedding Cupcakes
Portland Wedding Cupcakes Chocolate 5446
Touch Up 9809
Raspberry Cupcakes Graduation Cupcakes 0083
Lightning Cupcakes Wedding Cupcakes 5505
Cutting Cake 2 Lightning Cupcakes and Cakes
Llightning Cupcakes Portland Cupcakes
Chaz Dean Lightning Cupcakes 9522
5 Star Lightning Cupcakes
Lightning Cupcakes 1 9435

“Love is the foundation

for all things spectacular”

- LD

A Portion of all our proceeds is donated directly to the Healing Hunter Foundation, which works to sweetly enhance the lives of children touched by cancer.

You can now submit online order requests for our amazing cupcakes and cakes. Pick the flavors, quantity, and customizations you desire. It’s almost too easy.

"Your tastebuds do not stand a chance!" – SE

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